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Amicus Society [Towarzystwo Amicus] was established in July 1998 by a team of higher education institutions, students and graduates, cultural activists, local authority employees, academic staff, and entrepreneurs from Podlaskie region. 

Amicus Society is today a fast growing organization with over 15 years of activity in the fields of information, training, education, publishing, and counselling services. It is an independent non-profit organization guided in its activities by the rule that information is a right, and not a commodity. The name of our organization was chosen to reflect the main pillar of our activities: creating a special platform for building understanding among those who wish to develop social initiatives. It is meant to become a platform, which statutorily, encourages common understanding, building dialog and friendly relations between organizations. This is where the name of our organization originates: ‘amicus’ in Latin means ‘friend’. The enormous potential of our association is built by a stable and highly qualified staff and comprehensive network of experts and consultants with whom our association cooperates. We share a common vision of implemented undertakings, participate in the decision-making process with clearly defined team roles, and share responsibility for the functioning of our organization. The Amicus Society team develop their competences on a regular basis, ensuring high quality of  services. Knowledge and experience acquired since 1998, allows us to offer professional information and education services. Within the last three years, we have provided this kind of support to over  four thousand people. Additionally, we conduct numerous information meetings and study visits in cooperation with our partners from Georgia, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland. More and more often we conduct our actions abroad..


Since the year 2000, Amicus Society has been specializing in pro-European activities. For 8 years we have been operating a network of Europe Direct Information Centres of the European Commission in Białystok and the Regional Centre of the European Social Fund in Warsaw. The centres disseminate information on every aspect of the Polish EU membership, but most importantly, they provide information about EU funds and offer assistance in applying for them. Moreover, for over 12 years Amicus Society has been running EURODESK Information Centre in  Białystok and the European Information Center in Białystok.


Amicus Society is currently realizing the following high-budget projects:

‘Creative Poland’

‘The Club of Little Explorers’

‘Preparation and implementation of the student practice programme in the city of Białystok’

‘Regional Training Centre of the Nationwide Educational Programme for Sport Personnel’

‘The Women’s Capital’

‘Innovative opportunities of creating ecological workplaces as a chance for the Podlaskie Voivodeship’

‘The Regional Centre of the European Social Fund in Warsaw’


‘Europe Direct Information Point in Białystok’ – financed directly from the European Commission resources,

‘Cross-border Tourism Dimension’

‘NGO Competence Centre’ – in the scope of the Swiss Programme of Cooperation with new EU Member States



Amicus Society is led by the chairman Piotr Sobolewski and vice-chairman Adam Kozłowski.


Amicus Society is located in Brukowa Street, Białystok


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